Month in Review

July Wrap Up

Happy August everyone – I am so happy that summer is winding down, this year has been horrific in the UK, its not rained for over a month where I live and I miss it so much 😭 Hopefully as September rolls around the rain should come and the plants will thrive πŸ’›

But anyway enough moaning – I read 8 books during July which is pretty good! I find that when its hot I can’t focus so I definitely don’t read as much.

Total number of pages: 3,024

Number of digital reads: 6

Number of physical reads: 2

Arcs: 3

Average rating: 4.38 ⭐

I really enjoyed the books I read this month, I want to move towards fantasy this month as I’ve been reading a lot of romance but we’ll see!

What have you been reading?

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