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Blog Tour – The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery

Happy Monday my loves!

Today I’m taking in my very first blog tour and I couldn’t have got a cuter book for it! A big thankyou to both the author and Rachel’s Random Resources for this opportunity.

The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery

Fluttering cherry blossoms, gorgeous kimonos and sweet and sorrowful love.

For cake-loving college girl Hana, Japan was the romantic destination of her dreams. With boyfriend Jin she planned an exciting new life in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. But when she finally arrives after months of planning, Jin isn’t there. 

Hana is left broken-hearted on a rainy Tokyo street. Jin left no note. One day he just walked out of classes and disappeared. 

Hana begins her new life alone. Watching cherry blossoms fall into the Tokyo river. Working hard and delivering her lovely home-baked cakes by orange bicycle. Then she meets handsome young farmer Hikaru, and glimpses a new way forward – in an alien place where she doesn’t know a soul.

The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery is a sweet romance with a hint of magic realism. It’s a perfect book to carry with you and read on holiday or weekends.

Purchase Links – Amazon US here / Amazon UK here

The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery is described as a sweet, surreal romance and it certainly didn’t dissapoint. The story revolves around Hana, a college girl who travels to Japan from South Korea to see her boyfriend after many months apart. However, when she gets there she finds someone else living in his appartment and discovers that he has just walked out of his own life. What follows is a story of self-discovery and found family. Hana learns who and what she wants from life with the help of some new friends and lots of delicious food.

Lee’s writing was beautiful in this book, it was lyrical and I could see the world perfectly in my head. The way Lee describes food in this book honestly had my stomach rumbling and I certainly consumed lots of cake during my reading sessions! I really enjoyed the way it occassionally flipped to Jin or Hikaru and found that it really added to the depth of the story, in particular finding out why Jin ran away from his own life was both heartbreaking and eye opening.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book in the first few chapters, I’ve read so many books with bakery in the title that I was actually surprised when Hana didn’t set up shop straight away! However, I really did enjoy the descriptions of food and how it was used to convey messages to other characters.

Speaking of characters, Hana was obviousbly my favourite but Ms. Kawanami came in close second. I found her to be such a warming but firm character and she honestly reminded me of my own late grandma (its lovely when we can see our loved ones in stories in my opinion).

I have to say, I wish I was as brave as Hana. Starting a new life in a foreign country when you don’t speak the language fluently seems incredibly difficult and I certainly wouldn’t mind having her cooking skills!

Overall I really enjoyed The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery and give it four out of five stars. It was a beautifully written book and I loved that there was more of a focus on self-love than a proper romantic relationship.


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Author Bio –

Su Young Lee is a Korean romance author who lived in Tokyo, Japan for 10 years and now lives in London, England with her husband and two lovely cats. 

Su works in academic publishing and loves baking, playing piano and working on her calligraphy.

Check her blog here.

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